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‘yoga is not a style or statement. It is a personal practice of love and compassion. Take from yoga whatever suits you as a human being and here begin your journey’ Hatha Yoga Pradapika, Svatmarama, Ch. 1, Vs 3.

Yoga originates from many thousands of years ago. It has successfully transcended generations and cultures to be relevant today.

My yoga teaching focuses on Hatha yoga, the physical elements of strength, mobility and breathing.

I currently offer the following classes online:

  • Wednesday 6.30-7.45pm yoga: strong
    • Energising yoga to build strength and muscle control
    • £10 a single session, £37.50 in advance for 5 sessions*
  • Wednesday 8-9pm yoga: calm
    • A gentle session to unwind mid-week.
    • £8 a single session, £30 in advance for 5 sessions*

I also offer weekend workshops, work place yoga and individual tailored sessions.

Please contact me for more details on these.

*Consecutive attendance unless minimum 24 hours’ notice provided. I do understand how life can get in the way!