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I first asked Alex ‘Why ‘‘live life better’’?’ she explained simply: ‘whatever is happening in life, we can feel better by moving and breathing in a mindful way.’

Alex is a perfect advocate for her own philosophy, her passion is evident.

As a young woman with no background in exercise, Alex recalls how walking helped her cope better.

Following on, after practising yoga for a couple of years one of her instructors approached Alex about teaching yoga herself. Alex remembers ‘It seemed impossible, I wasn’t confident I could do it.  But what a wonderful idea to support others to find what I found in yoga: after doing yoga I felt stronger in body and mind, calmer, more able to focus.’

Years later, finding herself confined in an office, she remembers feeling ‘like a caged animal. I would need to do something active after work, then notice how it lifted my spirits.’

This led to a career cross-roads, where Alex chose to follow a path into fitness.

Alex now offers training and yoga to individuals and small groups.

She uses a well-equipped studio, also offering home, work and open space sessions.

‘You don’t need a gym; you just need to be motivated to move and some individual guidance. It’s about finding out what’s right for that person on that day.’

How can Alex’s approach benefit you? ‘My clients feel stronger, leaner and fitter. They tell me about improvements in self-esteem, relationships, work ethic, problem solving, social confidence and lifted mood. There are well researched links between body and mind. By moving and breathing with purpose we can change how we feel about every aspect of our lives and improve how we relate to the world around us’.

Alex is qualified as a yoga teacher, fitness instructor and soft tissue therapist for adults and adolescents, with further awards in exercise referral and cardiac rehabilitation, together with degrees in human biology / natural sciences and civil engineering.